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8 Top Reasons To Join A Growing SME

29 August 2017

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During the last 7 years, we’ve seen the employment market shrink, stall, grow and change. This has affected the way in which we’ve all made decisions about our careers and moving to new businesses. This initially caused a “stay put” mentality, yet over the last 2 years there’s been a noted change. Here at Element we’ve seen a trend in people’s keenness to explore their options and move companies. This has led to an increased interest in people’s attitude to start-ups and SMEs.

What are the reasons that are drawing people to growing SMEs?


  1. You’ll get involved with the heart and soul of a business from day one.

  2. Be part of the decision-making process and see how this affects the direction of the business.

  3. Able to create your own processes with a quick route to making change happen.

  4. You’ll get diversity and breadth in your role, boosting your personal skill set and professional development.

  5. If you enjoy change and are capable of adapting, then you’ll thrive in this environment.

  6. Your success is visible.

  7. As the business grows your opportunity grows.

  8. Close to Senior decision makers and stakeholders.


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8 Top Reasons To Join A Growing SME


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