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6 Steps To Writing Your CV

12 October 2018

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6 Steps To Writing Your CV

Writing your CV can seem like a daunting task, leaving you wondering where to start. It can feel an uncomfortable task but here’s some tips to get you started:


  1. Step 1

On a fresh page list out all of your previous roles including the job title, company and dates you worked (month & year is enough).


  1. Brain dump what you do

Before you sculpt the perfectly written CV, first let’s get all the knowledge you have in your head down on paper first. For each job role you’ve listed, make a list of duties and responsibilities underneath. Take everything into account from the main skills and duties of your jobs to the bits that you do without thinking about.


  1. Tailor your CV

For each type of job role you apply for, you should tailor your CV to fit. This means looking at the skills the job description requires and matching your skills to it. This may mean reprioritising the order of your skills so the most relevant are at the top.


  1. There’s responsibilities and there’s achievements

Think about any achievements you have for each job role. Separate these out on your CV and put your achievements first, followed by your skills.


  1. Include your contact details at the top

First and last name, mobile number, email address and home address. You want to make it clear how potential employers can contact you.  This should be at the top of your CV.


  1. Layout

Don’t get too creative with your CV layout, even if you are a creative person. A CV is a formal document which represents your experience, skills and achievements. You can add character and life to your CV when you’re invited to interview and can present yourself in person.


Visit our website to see an example layout –


Don't forget, a CV is designed to get your foot through the door. After that it’s how you represent yourself at interview. If you’re looking for a career opportunity, then call the Element Recruitment Team on 0117 369 9000 or visit us at


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