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Returning from Mat leave during COVID-19

15 April 2020

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My final maternity leave for baby number 2 ending will be one to remember, lockdown during COVID-19.

My experience has been different to how I planned it, those that know me, know that I like the best of both worlds-working and family time. I am also a control freak so planned before I started maternity leave when I wanted to return, what nursery my daughter would be going to and what days I wanted to work. Shortly before finishing maternity leave, lockdown hit.....then everything became out of my control. Being taken out of my normal routine and social network, left in my house with limited opportunities to get out and see other people, alone with my baby and son.

Being a working mother already, I’m well adapted to multitasking and routine. Suddenly being thrust into both children at home, my sons first year at school coming to an abrupt end so now trying to home school as well and my husband still having to work due to being in construction my world has become intertwined at home of being mum, working and dealing with household chores throughout the day. To say I felt daunted by the prospect is pretty fair....

But learning to adapt with technology, using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype I’ve been able to be productive more than I thought I could be. I’ve never really done a lot of remote working before, but it’s opening my eyes more and more. 

I’ve learnt that planning is absolutely key, even more so with 2 little ones at home but I’ve wrapped that up with being realistic of what I can achieve to the quality level I aspire to. Learning to let go of aspects I can’t fully control, this has been one of the biggest challenges for me!

I am excited about being back to recruiting in the finance world and working with my brilliant colleagues, speaking to clients and candidates and how I can best help them with their needs. Connecting back with the market has been refreshing against the backdrop of being lockdown at home. If you are looking for that next career move or want advice about how to do it during COVID-19 drop me a line, equally if you have a recruitment need then contact me and I’ll do my best to assist you. 

It is a challenging time for everyone at all levels, but I’ve seen first handed how we are all pulling together and supporting each other. Most importantly, stay safe! 

P.S I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the youngest members of the Element Recruitment Team, spread a bit of joy in this crazy time we are in together. 


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