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Do you have the flex factor?

6 March 2019

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I’ve worked in recruitment for 14 years and I have to admit, I hadn’t really thought much about flexible working until I had my first child four years ago. Becoming a mother certainly throws everything into perspective and there were times when I really wished I could work from home, job share or work flexible hours.

That was one of the top factors that led me to join Element Recruitment a year ago. When I met Directors, Steph and Steve, I was blown away by their positive approach to flexible working and how they understood the challenges facing working parents. Thanks to their support, I’ve had my most successful year ever and I’m sure that’s down to the working environment they’ve created.

Being part of a company that truly has flexible working built into its culture has been such an eye-opener for me. It allows employees to be more productive and perform better – and just from a personal point of view, I know that I’ve become far more efficient with my time at work, less stressed and much more motivated.

The interesting thing is, it’s not just employees who benefit from having the flex factor. Organisations can reap rewards too. In a recent study, Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom discovered that when people were allowed to work from home, they didn’t just sit in their pyjamas and watch Netflix all day. They were actually 13.5% more productive than those in the office. That’s like getting an extra day’s work from each employee! What’s more, they also took shorter breaks and had less sick days.

Talent is integral to the success of any business. And I really believe that by creating a working environment that’s more agile, you have a better chance of attracting high calibre talent – and retaining it! This type of environment is also mutually symbiotic for both the employer and employee. People who are entrusted with flexi working appreciate the opportunity, work harder, are more focussed and don’t take it for granted. In fact, they give 110% effort.

When I talk to candidates about what they’re looking for in a company, business culture appears in most people’s top three criteria. So it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations who want to be seen as modern and attractive, to take flexible working seriously. At Element, we’re certainly testament to just how beneficial that can be for everyone.

If you’d like to know more about flexible working or how you can find a company that offers an environment like this, you can email me: or give me a call on 0117 369 9000.







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