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Element Sports Day 2

11 August 2021

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On Friday afternoon the Element team headed to the park to take part in a few sporting activities, it was Team Monsters V’s Team Aliens.


First up we started with the good old fashioned Egg & Spoon race, with team Monsters winning that by well over half a length.

Next up was the Hula Hoop challenge, the team who were able to hula hoop the longest would be the winners. First up for team Monster was Louise, she was so good that she beat all of team Alien and won the challenge on her own!

Challenge 3 was shooting basketball hoops and this is when team Aliens were able to redeem themselves, thrashing the Monsters.

As the rain had stopped and the sun was out, we ventured out of the sports hall and onto the ‘rounders pitch’

Emma was umpire and explained all the rules and regulations (in the same tone of voice she uses for her compliance work- scary!) and kept us all in line.

Tom kept his competitive nature under control this time and didn’t lap any of his team mates. Well done Tom.

Zach who had only been with us 5 days bought his fighting talk and luckily backed it up with his results in bat and fielding, some great dives despite wearing jeans.

Zoe had lots of enthusiasm but lacked the ability to catch a ball so spent a lot of the time rolling around on the floor

Anna cheated her way though the entire match and then decided enough was enough and it was time for pizza and cocktails so we called it a draw and headed off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


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