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Palma Trips

A nice reward for our efforts

We all work hard at Element Recruitment, but we know how to play hard too. That’s why we run our annual – and fast becoming legendary – team trip to Palma, on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca.

Our 2-night trip is a great opportunity to reward our team for all their efforts over the past year – and get to know each other a bit better! It means we can get away from the usual office distractions, run a few training sessions, review our company finances and discuss our plans for the future. Of course, there’s also plenty of free time to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and maybe a few sangrias too!

Here’s a snapshot of what we've gotten up to on our trips...

Palma 2018

Palma 2019

Palma 2020

Next year this could be you!
If you’d like to join our team, call Steph on 0117 369 9000 or email